Premium binders
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Premium binders

Advertising binders for presentation of catalogues and product offers are an extremely important element of many companies. To maintain high aesthetics and quality of workmanship, all binders are designed according to the clients' needs, in accordance with a given colour palette, visual identification, in any formats, with different widths of spines and with several variants of additional accessories, eyelets, pockets and ring mechanisms.

Advertising binders

Advertising binder
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Colourful and personalized company binders available in the office are an excellent element when building a brand image. Due to the fact that they stand out among standard binders, they are ideal for setting a catalogue or a promotional offer presented to clients. An interesting form of presenting promotional materials is presentation binders that look like an inverted binder or a classic desk calendar. With rings directed upwards, the binder makes it easy to turn and present subsequent product cards and is perfect as an addition to desks at a company's headquarters. To ensure full protection of documents and promotional materials stored in a binder, we offer durable, advertising binders with a case. Such solutions look more elegant and compact than standard binders, and their covers can be distinguished from the binder itself by offering additional promotional and advertising space.

Die cut binders

Die cut binders are a unique way to personalize covers for advertising materials. Their unique shape, created for individual orders, creates a unique advertising form in combination with print. Die cut binders have holes in the cover for easy transport and are secured with a glossy or matt foil, which also protects them against damage.

Die cut binder
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Presentation binders

Presentation binder
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Closed binders

Closed binder
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