cosmetics boxes

Cosmetics boxes
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Boxes for cosmetics are made with high quality raw materials with FSC certificates. They are very sturdy and resilient, which is why the products placed in them stay intact during transport, storage, and display.

High quality boxes insulate, preserve, and protect the cosmetics from external damage, extreme temperatures, and high humidity. Due to their great visuals they are also a very useful marketing tool and have the ability to elevate the product, enhance its visibility, and attract the attention of potential buyers.

Customization of boxes for cosmetics

Cosmetics boxes
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To provide the best protection and make the merchandise stand out, the packaging should match the product and answer to its individual needs. In order to do that the boxes for cosmetics should be customized.

MILO Group allows their clients to personalize their packaging while placing an order. It is possible to choose the length, width, height, color, design, and the type of the box. Moreover, the clients may opt to adorn the packaging with foam or cardboard inserts, decorative pull-out ribbons, and various films, such as:

  • anti-scratch film, which protects the surface from mechanical damage,
  • glossy film, which gives the box a shiny, sleek look,
  • matte film, which creates a smooth, non-glossy finish,
  • soft touch film, which gives the box a velvety appearance.

They can also choose material, lamination, special finish, and whether to print the graphics on the inner or outer surface of the cosmetic box. The methods, which may be implemented in the customization process, consist of:

  • embossing – a technique that allows the creation if raised silhouettes of an artwork design,
  • debossing – a technique which leads to the creation of a sunken area on the surface of the packaging,
  • foil stamping – a process that entails application of a metallic foil and stamping of a design into the packaging with the use of a heated dye,
  • hot stamping – a printing technique that uses hot dies to press a metallic print and foil onto the surface of the packaging,
  • UV printing – a technique that provides the packaging with a high quality gloss hard finish.

All of the customization options allow the cosmetic boxes to be perfectly aligned with the product and the brand’s vision.

Who can order boxes for cosmetics from MILO Group?

High-end customizable boxes for cosmetics can be ordered by every company that produces and/or sells cosmetics, regardless of its size. MILO Group will process the order and come up with the best solutions to satisfy each customer’s expectations and provide them with top quality packaging.

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Why is it important to order boxes for cosmetics from a renowned manufacturer?

By ordering the boxes for cosmetics from a renowned manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry, like MILO Group, the client can be sure to obtain a high quality product capable of ensuring the safety of merchandise and creating a great unboxing experience for the buyer. They may also be certain to acquire a very useful marketing tool invaluable in the product promotion and as a result gain an advantage over the competitors and enhance business sales.

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