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Decorative boxes
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MILO Group offers a vast variety of high quality decorative boxes, including decorative office storage boxes. They come in many different shapes and sizes. The clients can choose from cover two-piece top-bottom boxes, magnetic closure boxes, clamshell boxes, drawer boxes and many more.

Application of decorative boxes

Decorative boxes are durable and resilient. They protect the items placed in them from damage, dirt, and other external factors, such as humidity, light or high and low temperatures. Decorative boxes can also elevate the elegance of the item, making it appear more luxurious and desirable. They allow the merchandise to stand out from the competitors and give the product a necessary recognition.

The great visuals of decorative boxes create an amazing unboxing experience and help establish a positive relationship between the customer and the brand. Their surface may be used for promotional purposes – it can be embellished with a colorful print or a discreet brand logo. All of that makes the decorative boxes an important marketing tool that has the ability to attract customers’ attention and encourage them to make a purchasing decision.

Customization of decorative boxes

Decorative boxes are fully customizable. They can be decorated with the use of:

  • embossing – a technique applied in order to create raised silhouettes of an artwork design,
  • debossing – a finishing process opposite to embossing, which consists of pressing a design onto a surface of the packaging so that it creates a sunken area,
  • foil stamping – a process that entails application of a metallic foil and stamping of a customized design into the packaging with the use of a heated dye,
  • hot stamping – a printing technique that uses hot dies to press a metallic print and foil onto the surface of a box and is perfect for elevating logotypes and product names,
  • UV printing – a technique that provides the packaging with a gold quality gloss hard finish.

Moreover, a client may opt to embellish a set of decorative boxes with various films. The films available in the MILO Group’s catalog are:

  • anti-scratch film, which protects the surface of the box from mechanical damage,
  • glossy film, which gives the packaging a shiny, sleek look,
  • matte film, which creates a smooth, non-glossy finish,
  • soft touch film, which creates a more luxurious appearance by giving the box a velvety appearance and stimulating the sense of touch.

Personalized decorative boxes can be also covered with various types of veneers, such as canvas, leather or ecological paper and equipped with cardboard or foam inserts.

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Why is it worth choosing cardboard decorative boxes from MILO Group?

By choosing cardboard decorative boxes from MILO Group the client can be sure to obtain a high quality resilient product that can both protect the merchandise from external factors and give it a luxurious look, appealing to the potential buyer. Moreover, the client can also customize the box according to their individual needs and acquire its prototype before it goes into production.

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