Our custom rigid boxes

Packaging rigid boxes are made from high quality raw materials with FSC certificates. They protect the product from external damage and changes of the temperature and ensure it remains intact during transportation, storage and display. In case of the merchandise with an expiration date, the rigid boxes allow it to stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Premium packaging as an important part of a marketing strategy

Premium packaging is a very useful marketing tool. It helps create a unique look for the product and convey the brand’s vision. The rigid box can elevate the product, giving it a more luxurious look. As a result the merchandise stands out on the store shelf and is more attractive to the customer. The use of the premium packaging can lead to gaining advantage over the competitors and is a good technique to enhance exposure of the merchandise and boost the sales.

Producers of which goods should start using rigid boxes packaging?

Rigid boxes packaging offers protection to the product while also giving it exposure. It can be used in every industry. The implementation of luxury rigid boxes can be beneficial to producers of such goods as perfume, cosmetics, pralines and other deluxe food products, alcohol, CBD oils, jewellery, watches, books, magazines, journals, as well as CDs, DVDs and many others.

Custom rigid box – what are the available personalization options?

Custom rigid boxes come in different styles and sizes. While placing the order the client can choose length, width, height, color, and design of the packaging. Every box can be decorated with hot stamping, point UV varnish, and different kinds of foils – soft touch, anti-scratch, matt and glossy. It may also be equipped with decorative pull-out ribbons and various types of inserts. Other personalization options consist of choosing the material, lamination, and special finish of the packaging.

Benefits of purchasing custom rigid boxes from MILO Group

Purchasing custom rigid boxes from MILO Group allows the customer to obtain the best quality of packaging that can protect the merchandise from various external factors. Each client can match the type of the box to the individual requirements of the product and the needs of the whole brand. By choosing to work with MILO Group, the customer can obtain a very efficient marketing tool that allows the company to excel on the market of choice.

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