Conference folders with handle
ID: 1077

Advertising folders

Capacious, hard advertising folders that allow packing printed materials, including both individual documents and folders or advertising materials, in a safe manner. We care for high quality, durability and functionality, offering many interesting designs of advertising folders adapted to the needs of clients from various industries.

Larger and more durable, rigid conference folders with a handle will prove themselves as a professional conference set and a place to transport advertising materials and the most important promotional documents. The imprint on the folder is a great place for advertising, and the high-quality lamination allows protecting the folder and its contents against damage and dirt.

Expandable folders

Expandable folder
ID: 1076

Simple, closed with Velcro, magnet or elastic, expandable folders are a basic addition among stationery advertising materials. Folders are made with different spine widths, as well as with additional elements in the form of pen holders that allow personalizing the folder for clients’ needs.


Offer folders

Thin offer folders are not only a convenient way to store a small number of documents, but it also is a good promotional element. They are often used as a folder for contracts or documents handed to clients after the end of cooperation, sale finalization or service rendered.

Offer folder
ID: 1075

Folders with compartments

For better organization of documents and advertising materials, we offer a folder with compartments, made of durable, solid cardboard. The folded interior of the folder is made of cardboard, supplementing the compartments with practical spacers to describe the content. The folders are closed with Velcro to prevent accidental opening and reduce the risk of the contents falling out.

Folder with compartments
ID: 1074

Folders with a clip

Folder with a clip
ID: 1206

Conference folders with handle

Conference folder with handle
ID: 1207

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