Why is it worth using sample books?

Sample books help demonstrate products available in the manufacturer’s offer in the most favorable way. They attract the attention of the customers and allow them an in-person review. A good sample book allows the clients to touch and feel the merchandise before buying, judge its quality, note the difference between various presented options, and see a true representation of the colors in different light. It leads to a more informed purchasing decision and can effectively boost sales of the products from the manufacturer’s offer.

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Customization of sample folders

MILO Group is always ready to respond to the individual needs of each client, which is why in its catalog a vast variety of custom sample books is available. They were designed to demonstrate different merchandise in the best way possible. MILO Group’s customers can choose from:

In order to grant a better product exposition, all MILO Group’s sample books and sample folders can be customized. The company is not limited to top-imposed projects. Its offer includes samples created according to the customer’s own idea.

Sample books and folders from MILO Group can be made in the form of a practical range of colors or be developed in a completely new direction adapted to the client’s requirements. They can be also made of specially reinforced solid cardboard capable of holding heavier samples and be equipped with die-cut foam padding or custom-made pockets for easier and safer storage of fragile samples.

Who can order custom sample books?

High-end custom sample books can be ordered by every company in need of a tool that allows an effective and attractive sample presentation. MILO Group will do everything in their power to satisfy each customer’s needs and provide them with top quality products.

Why is it important to order sample books from a renowned manufacturer?

Ordering sample books from a renowned manufacturer guarantees a high quality product, carefully designed to demonstrate merchandise samples in the best way possible. It also ensures the availability of various customization options.

MILO Group is a leader among fabric sample book manufacturers. The company has a graphic studio and a prototype workshop, equipped with modern machines from reputable developers, thanks to which individual projects can be implemented. Its manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, as it is powered by renewable energy sources, mostly the company’s own photovoltaic farm. At the client's request, the templates can be prepared in the form of classic covers, boards, trunks, files, and other personalized advertising variants.

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