All products in our offer can be personalized and supplemented with functional and elegant accessories, additions and improvements. To make your projects we use ring and lever mechanisms for files, clips, clamps, hooks, pockets for business cards and CDs, handles, handles, rado eyelets, metal corners, die cut foams and many others.

a04.jpg Clasp lock (white, black, silver)
a05.jpgThe distance latch type closure (white, black, silver)
a07.jpg Velcro closure (black, white)
a22.jpg Closing on the eraser (black, white, color)
a20.jpgPlastic locks (black, white)
a14.jpgPockets and CD holders
a15.jpgPVC corner pocket
a16.jpgPocket for PVC business card
a17.jpgPen holders (metal, PVC)
a18.jpgLather handle
a19.jpg Plastic handles (black, white)
a21.jpg String type handles
a25.jpgPVC handles (rectangular, round)
a26.jpgExtruded leather handle
a08.jpgRound mechanics (2-4 rings)
a09.jpgLeverage mechanisms
a12.jpgMechannel terminals
a10.jpgClips of wire type
a06.jpgMetal eyes (black, silver, gold)
a13.jpgFinger dorsal eye
a11.jpgSecurity corners (silver, black, gold, white)
a27.jpgSecurity corner
a01.jpg Metal screws (silver, gold, black)
a02.jpg Plastic screws (black, white)
a03.jpgColored rivets (black, white, silver)
a23.jpgMetal hooks for patterns (silver, black, gold, colour)
a24.jpgPlastic hooks for patterns
a28.jpgHook with plastic bar

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