Promotional clipboards – characteristics

MILO Group offers high quality promotional clipboards. They are available in two formats – A4 and A5 – and in different shapes – they can be single or lockable, taking the form of a folder. Clipboards in the manufacturer’s offer are made with extremely resilient, ecological raw materials with FSC certificates. For the client’s request they can be decorated with a colorful print, which may serve as the brand’s advertising element and help establish its visual identity.

How to personalize promotional clipboards?

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Promotional clipboards from MILO Group are fully customizable. The client can choose a type of finishing and decide upon covering them with a special film or implementing UV varnishing.


A personalized clipboard can have a different finish. It is possible to achieve the effect of canvas or leather structure.


While personalizing custom logo clipboards, the clients can choose to cover them with:

  • anti-scratch film – a cost-effective, scratch resistant coating that makes the clipboard look more stylish, while protecting its surface from the mechanical damage,
  • soft touch film – a velvety coating that stimulates the sense of touch and makes the clipboard appear more luxurious,
  • glossy film – a shiny coating that gives the clipboard an elegant, sleek look,
  • matte film – a coating that offers a smooth, non-glossy finish.

UV varnishing

UV varnishing offers a high quality gloss hard finish and brings the artwork designs to life. It makes the custom clipboards with logos appear more modern and classy.

Personalization of the clipboard can be done according to the project delivered by the client or with the help of the MILO Group’s professional designers.

The application of personalized clipboards

Clipboards are a practical accessory that helps manage loose paperwork and keep track of various tasks. They facilitate sorting of documents and keep them in one place. Personalized clipboards are often used during business meetings, conferences, and presentations. They allow better coordination of various assemblies and make everything seem better prepared and organized.

High-end custom clipboards with a company logo are also a very affordable, yet extremely effective tool used in the promotion of the business, since they help create visual identity of the brand and attract the attention of potential clients and business partners. For that reason they are often used as corporate giveaways by a lot of companies from different fields.


Why is it worth choosing custom clipboards from MILO Group?

MILO Group is a leader in the promotional and office supplies industry. It offers high quality custom clipboards with logos, which can perfectly match the individual needs of each client and help with the brand’s visual identification. All clipboards in the manufacturer’s offer are made in the machines powered by renewable energy sources, mostly the company’s own photovoltaic farm, which makes them very environmentally friendly. They are characterized by their great aesthetics and a superb level of workmanship.

Moreover, the custom clipboards with logos from MILO Group are very cost-effective, which makes them available even for the companies operating on a smaller budget.

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