boxes with a window

Boxes with a window
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Packaging window boxes are special rigid boxes equipped with a transparent window that displays a fragment or even the entirety of the product, letting it speak for itself. They act as a display, help attract the attention of the potential customers and encourage them to get acquainted with the merchandise.

Packaging window boxes offer enough space for additional graphics and the brand’s logo, which is why they are an effective marketing tool. Aside from being extremely stylish and creating a luxurious look for the product, these boxes are also very resilient and offer protection to whatever has been put inside them.

What products can be packed in packaging window boxes?

Packaging window boxes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which makes them suitable for plenty of different products. They are perfect for the merchandise for which plain printed packaging is not enough to attract the attention of potential customers. Due to their high quality and availability of various finishes, the packaging window boxes are often used for premium products, such as high-end alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, and small electronics.

Our boxes will perfectly match your products!

The customization of packaging window boxes

All packaging window boxes available in the MILO Group’s catalog can be customized and tailored to the customer’s individual needs. They come in various shapes and sizes – it is possible to choose their length, width, and height. Packaging window boxes can have various types of decorative veneers and be equipped with fitted inserts made of cardboard, foam or flock materials. During the customization process, the client may also choose to decorate them with:

  • UV varnishing, which gives the window box a high quality hard gloss finish that can elevate the artwork design and make it more appealing to the potential buyers,
  • anti-scratch film, which is a scratch resistant coating that can effectively protect the packaging from the damage to its surface,
  • soft-touch film, which gives the box a smooth, velvety appearance and stimulates the sense of touch,
  • hot stamping, which elevates logotypes and product names by pressing a metallic print and foil onto the surface of the packaging,
  • embossing, which creates raised silhouettes of an artwork design by pressing images, designs, and texts on the surface of the box,
  • debossing, which creates a sunken area by pressing a design onto the surface of the packaging.


Why is it worth choosing packaging window boxes from MILO Group?

MILO Group is a renowned rigid boxes manufacturer. It offers high quality and fully customizable products that perfectly match not only the needs of the merchandise, but also the company’s branding.

Packaging window boxes available in the MILO Group’s catalog are made of rigid solid cardboard with FSC certificate. They were produced in a modern machine park with a considerable attention to detail, which ensured their repeatability, high quality, and extreme resilience.

By choosing packaging window boxes from MILO Group, the clients can be sure to obtain the packaging that elevates the merchandise, while also letting it speak for itself.

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