round tube boxes

Round tube boxes
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MILO Group is a renowned manufacturer of high-end custom round tube boxes. Due to the vast variety of personalization options, the boxes can be perfectly matched to the needs of the product as well as the branding of the company.

Characteristics of round tube boxes

The round tube boxes are extremely robust and resilient to external factors. They are made of rigid solid cardboard covered with decorative paper, which makes them more appealing to the customers.

This type of packaging can successfully protect the product from any kind of damage. The round tube boxes are created with a substantial attention to the detail, with the use of highly advanced, modern machines. It ensures the highest quality of the packaging, as well as its competitive price, making them more available to the buyers. The round tube boxes come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes.

What products are usually placed inside of the round tube boxes?

Round tube packaging

The round tube boxes can be used as a packaging for a big variety of products. They are perfect for the cosmetics industry and form a cohesive unit with similar shaped products. Aside from cosmetics, the round tube boxes are often chosen for perfumes, alcohol bottles, CBD oils and watches. They are also ideal for storing diplomas and certificates.

Customized round tube packaging – what effect does it have?

Customized round shape packaging has a unique shape that undoubtedly attracts attention. It gives the product a luxurious look consistent with the brand’s vision. Its simple yet original design makes creative use of the available space and allows it to stand out on the shop shelves.

If well designed, this type of packaging can create a unique look for the merchandise, elevate it, and make it appear more appealing to the buyer. The customized round tube packaging increases exposure, creates demand, and allows the company to build a fruitful relationship with the customer. As a result, the brand can further establish itself on the market and obtain a substantial boost in sales.

Designing and manufacturing round tube packaging with the specialists from Milo Group

Ordering the round tube packaging from Milo Group allows the client to design and manufacture the boxes together with the specialists working for the company. It is possible to create packaging based on the design provided by the client or with the use of a project chosen from Milo Group’s catalog.

Round tube boxes are available in various shapes and sizes. The client can choose the length, width, height, as well as the design, colors, and style of the packaging. In the process of designing the boxes, it is also possible to implement various types of refinement, such as:

  • soft touch film,
  • anti-scratch film,
  • embossing,
  • debossing,
  • hot stamping,
  • UV varnish.

Moreover, the custom round tube boxes can be created with a veneer with a canvas or leather structure, and be equipped with fitted foam, cardboard or carton inserts, depending on the individual needs of the client.

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