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Bottom-lid boxes
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MILO Group is a renowned bottom lid boxes manufacturer. It offers high quality and fully customizable products that can perfectly match the needs of the merchandise, as well as the company’s branding.

What is the structure of a rigid box with lid?

A rigid box with lid is the most common type of box. It consists of two parts: the bottom, which forms the foundation of the structure, and the lid, which serves as a closure and protects the items placed inside of the packaging. The bottom lid boxes are made of high quality solid cardboard, with the use of modern machines. It ensures efficiency and repeatability of the production process, all while making the packaging robust and perfect for storing and displaying even fragile items.

The rigid boxes with lid are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes.

Choose any box shape and size and place your order!

Application of rigid boxes with lid

Bottom-lid boxes
ID: 1610

A rigid box with lid can effectively insulate, protect, and preserve the items placed inside of it, keeping them safe from heat and external damage. If well designed, it is also a powerful marketing tool.

This type of packaging offers a large advertising area which allows an excellent display of the brand’s logo, as well as colorful prints of choice. As a result, a high-end rigid box with lid can attract customers and help the product stand out from the competition. It plays a significant role in the process of brand building.

Customization of rigid boxes with lid

The rigid boxes with lid are fully customizable. The clients are presented with the opportunity to design a type of packaging most suited for their individual needs, as well as the needs of the product. They can choose the length, width, and height of the box. It is also possible to pick a style, design, and colors of the packaging.

Moreover, a custom box with lid may be decorated with the use of such methods as:

  • hot stamping,
  • gilding,
  • embossing,
  • debossing,
  • UV varnishing.

As an additional protection, the packaging can be also furnished with soft-touch or anti-scratch film.

What companies use custom boxes with lid?

Custom boxes with lid are used by many different companies in various industries. They mostly serve as a packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, vinyl discs, pralines and artisan chocolates, high fashion items and high-end electronics.

Why is it worth ordering custom boxes with lid directly from the manufacturer?

Ordering custom boxes with lid directly from the manufacturer gives the client the ability to customize the order and obtain the highest quality of the product that meets the individual needs of the brand. As a result, the client acquires a great marketing device which makes the merchandise stand out from the competition and appear more appealing to the customers, leading to more sold items. The biggest benefits of ordering custom boxes with lid directly from the manufacturer are enhancement of the business sales and the advancement of the brand in the industry of choice.

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