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Magnetic closure boxes
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Magnetic boxes protect the product from possible exterior damages and changes of the temperature. They secure the product placed in them and ensure it keeps all its qualities. This type of packaging also has the ability to expose the merchandise nicely, make it stand out and in result become more appealing to the buyer.

Pack your products in durable and great-looking magnetic boxes

Elegant magnetic closure paperboard boxes

Magnetic closure rigid boxes
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Magnetic closure boxes – advantages

The biggest advantages of a magnetic gift box from Milo Group are high quality and resilience.  The packaging is made of 1.5 or 2 mm thick solid cardboard with FSC certificates, which makes it robust and capable of protecting the product from damage. The magnetic closure boxes are created with a big attention to detail. The production takes place on fully automated machines, ensuring not only the best quality of the product, but also its repeatability.

Due to the use of modern technologies, the magnets in the box are completely hidden, which allows the packaging to preserve a neat, classy look. Magnetic closure cardboard boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The customer has the ability to adjust length, width, and height to the product they are designed for.

What products can be packed using magnetic box packaging?

Magnetic box packaging can be implemented in every industry. It is mostly used for deluxe products, especially jewellery, watches, perfume, cosmetics, high-end electronics, good quality alcohols, and luxury food products, such as chocolates, pralines and jars with artisan marmalade or honey. This type of packaging is also often utilized to store different pieces of clothing, mostly ties and bow-ties.

How can a magnetic closure cardboard box influence the sales?

A well designed magnetic flap gift box gives the product a very stylish, luxurious appearance. It makes the merchandise stand out from the competitors, helps create a look consistent with the brand’s vision, and gives the product a necessary recognition. As a result the brand experiences the increased exposure and demand, which leads to a sales boost.

All of that makes the magnetic boxes an important marketing tool that has the ability to attract customers’ attention and encourage them to make a purchasing decision.

Custom magnetic closure boxes – what are the personalization options?

Magnetic boxes are fully customizable. The client can choose to decorate the packaging with the use of such techniques as hot stamping, embossing, UV printing or the implementation of soft touch film, as well as digital and screen prints. Personalized magnetic gift box can be also covered with various types of veneers, such as canvas, leather or ecological paper, and equipped with cardboard or foam inserts.

Benefits of purchasing custom magnetic boxes from MILO Group

By purchasing printed magnetic boxes from MILO Group, the customer obtains a high quality, resilient product that can protect the merchandise from external factors, while simultaneously giving it a luxurious look and making it more appealing to the buyer. Choosing premium magnetic gift boxes from MILO Group’s catalog leaves also the possibility to customize the packaging according to individual needs.

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