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Gift boxes
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Cardboard gift boxes are very versatile and can be used to pack a vast variety of products. Depending on the model, they ensure safety and good presentation of different objects commonly gifted as presents.

Cardboard gift boxes with magnetic lid are perfect for packing deluxe food products, cosmetics, jewelry, watches and accessories. The bottom lid boxes can be used for various fashion items, perfumes, and vinyl discs, while slipcase gift boxes are ideal for CDs, DVDs, books and journals. Cardboard rigid drawer gift boxes, on the other hand, are often chosen as a packaging for luxury alcohol.

Advantages of a cardboard gift box

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Cardboard gift boxes are made of thick solid cardboard, which makes them sturdy and resilient. They insulate, preserve, and protect the items placed in them from exterior damages, as well as the changes of the temperature and high humidity.

At the same time they have the ability to elevate the gift and create a great unboxing experience. The cardboard gift boxes are available in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, and types.

Personalization of cardboard gift boxes

Cardboard gift boxes are fully personalizable. The client can decide on the length, width, height, color, style and design of the packaging, as well as decide whether it should be a bottom-lid, magnet-closed, drawer, neck, tube, or other type of box. It is also the client’s prerogative to decorate the cardboard gift box with the use of such methods, as:

  • hot stamping – a printing technique that uses hot dies to press a metallic print and foil onto the surface of a box,
  • UV varnishing – a technique that provides the packaging with a high quality gloss hard finish,
  • embossing and debossing – techniques that allow creation of raised and sunken silhouettes of an artwork design respectively.

Moreover it is possible to adorn the customized packaging with different kinds of films– soft touch, anti-scratch, matt or glossy – as well as decorative pull-out ribbons and foam and cardboard inserts. While placing the order, the client can also choose material, lamination, special finish, and whether to print the graphics on the inner or the outer surface of the cardboard gift box.

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Why is it worth choosing cardboard gift boxes from MILO Group?

MILO Group is a renowned cardboard gift boxes manufacturer with many years of experience. The company is known for being professional and carrying out orders in every printing technique. All cardboard gift boxes from MILO Group’s catalog are characterized by great aesthetics and a superb level of workmanship. They are made in the machines powered by renewable energy sources, mostly the company’s own photovoltaic farm, which makes them very environmentally friendly.

By choosing cardboard gift boxes from MILO Group the client can be sure to obtain a high quality gift box. If necessary they may also acquire the prototype of the product, which allows an accurate assessment of the box and the quality of its performance before the start of the manufacturing process.

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