suitcases and chests

Suitcases and chests
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MILO Group is a renowned packaging manufacturer. It offers high quality and fully customizable suitcases and chests that can perfectly match the needs of each client.


The use of suitcases and chests

Elegant and capacious suitcases and chests from MILO Group are a great alternative to smaller folders with handles. Due to their size they are capable of fitting a much bigger amount of items and gadgets. They can also be used as a product showcase or a carrier for large quantities of documents. Moreover, they help with brand promotion and are invaluable when it comes to building a coherent visual identity. The design of high quality suitcases and chests from the MILO Group’s catalog provides great strength and practicality, making them suitable for many applications.

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Customization of suitcases and chests

MILO Group is always ready to respond to the individual needs of each client. The company is not limited to top-imposed projects and offers products created according to the customer’s own idea. In effect, all suitcases and chests available in the MILO Group’s offer can be customized. They can have decorative veneers, such as canvas, leather, or ecological paper, and be decorated with the use of:

  • hot stamping – a technique that consists of the application of hot dies in order to press a metallic print and foil onto the surface of a suitcase or a chest,
  • UV varnish – a technique that offers a high quality gloss hard finish and brings the artwork designs to life, elevating the suitcase or a chest, 
  • embossing – a technique utilized to create raised silhouettes of an artwork design on the surface of a suitcase or a chest,
  • debossing – a technique that consists of pressing a design onto a surface of the suitcase of a chest in order to create a sunken area.

The customization of suitcases and chests can also take the form of applying a special coating to their surfaces – an anti-scratch film, which protects the surface from various types of mechanical damage, or a soft touch film, which gives the surface a very smooth, velvety finish. Lastly, the personalization applies also to the carrying handles, which are an integral part of the equipment. Depending on the customer’s wish, the handle can be made of plastic, metal, string, or leather strap.

Who can place an order for suitcases and chests?

Suitcases and chests
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High-end custom suitcases and chests can be ordered by every company and private individual. MILO Group will do everything in their power to satisfy each customer’s needs and provide them with top quality products. Given how customizable suitcases and chests from MILO Group’s catalog offer a great value for money, they are an excellent choice for each company and individual who searches for high quality solutions, even if they operate on a limited budget.

Why is it worth ordering suitcases and chests from MILO Group?

By ordering suitcases and chests from MILO Group – a renowned manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry – the client can be sure to obtain a top-notch product, which can be customized to their individual needs.

The suitcases and chests in the MILO Group’s catalog are available in various sizes. They are characterized by their high quality, extreme resilience, and durability. Customized suitcases and chests designed and manufactured by the experts from MILO Group are made of ecological raw materials with FSC certificates. Their production process is environmentally friendly, as it is powered by renewable energy sources, mostly the company’s own photovoltaic farm. It is important for businesses and individuals that focus on sustainability and try to build a brand based on eco-awareness.

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