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Construction chemistry samples
ID: 841

Construction chemistry samples 

Company advertising samples is a great way to present a product. Visually presented patterns of available plasters, paint colours or stone textures facilitate the selection of specific projects and speed up the material matching procedure. At the client's request, we prepare templates in the form of classic covers, boards, trunks, files and other personalized advertising variants. We have a graphic studio and a prototype workshop, thanks to which individual projects can be implemented in the best possible way. 

Tile and stone samples 

Tile and stone samples
ID: 840

Due to the nature of material, tile and stone samples are prepared in the form of a book or a box with a handle, made of specially reinforced solid cardboard capable of holding heavier samples. An additional advantage of samples is the foam padding for easy storage. 


Floor and skirting samples

Dedicated samples for presentation of floor and skirting samples allow for easy presentation of many product variants available in the offer. Upon client’s request, we create samples in the form of a practical range of colours, boxes filled with protective foam for storing loose samples or in the form of covers with samples inside. 

Floor samples
ID: 842

Profile samples

When presenting profiles, we focus on samples in the form of books or boxes with a practical handle, made of solid cardboard and filled with foam. This model allows making an elegant presentation of available profiles, storing many heavier samples and ensuring their safety during transport. 

Profile samples
ID: 843
Glass samples
ID: 845

Glass samples

For companies dealing with the distribution of glass, glass profiles, delicate materials or eyeglass lenses, practical advertising samples are the best way to present available products. Our binders and boxes are made of reinforced cardboard and filled with die-cut foam or custom-made pockets for complete safety and elegant sample presentation. 

Fabric and roller blind samples
ID: 846

Fabric and roller blind samples

The presentation of textiles in the form of samples is widely appreciated in the interior design industry. Samples of fabrics, blinds or upholstery allow making a visual presentation of materials, but also touching and examining the materials in terms of texture. We prepare our samples in the form of magnetically closed books, ranges of colours and binders or we develop completely new forms adapted to the client's requirements. 

Advertising sample
ID: 844

Other samples

The individual approach to our clients’ needs means that we cannot be limited to top-imposed projects. Therefore, our offer includes samples created according to the Client's individual idea. Ingenuity is the key to success in the advertising industry - our samples are distinguished by a creative approach to the presentation of each product, and the use of modern machines from reputable manufacturers allows meeting the customer's expectations even more accurately.

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